Marriage In The 21st Century

Marriage is a beautiful event for anyone to have and to witness, but despite having all the things needed for a successful marriage, what matters most is the unity of two people to start their life together, and build their future together.Marriage has been a sacred and beautiful event that is celebrated for thousands of years, it is the bond between to people uniting as one for the rest of their lives, no matter how good or how bad the road may become along their journey. But for years, it has also been a great issue for other people, more specifically the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transexual community because they have been prohibited to marry a person of the same sex. Because of this issue, it has made it the LGBT community to lobby to the government in being provided with this civil right, which is the right to marry.For thousands of years, weddings have only been the privelege between people of the opposite sex, but in the 21st century, governments have now allowed the LGBT community to have that same privelege which has become a big leap towards equality.

The society
People have now become more open to the idea of two people of the same sex getting married, but there are still those that refuse to accept it which made it difficult for the LGBT community to be provided with the same service that the straight community get from businesses and other establishments, even getting a job has made it a little difficult for them because of discrimination.

As years pass by, and we become more understanding, people who support the LGBT community disregards the thought of viewing them to not belong to the society because of their sexual orientation, but rather choose to view them as a person. Which is why, through acceptance, a lot of businesses and other services provide their service without discrimination or prejudice against the LGBT community.

Since the members of the LGBT community can now get married in countries that provide these rights, and know that there are businesses, more specifically wedding planners, that caters their service to providing the LGBT community with their dream wedding, it made it more easier for them to plan out their wedding.

There are already gay friendly wedding stylist Sydney that they could avail, wedding planners, wedding decorators, and so on that provides their service towards the LGBT community without making them feel they are discriminated nor rejected.