How To Make A Sunglass Case At Home?

Sunglasses are essential and everyone needs to wear it in one form or another either it is reading glass, or eyesight glass or sunglasses. In any case you need a case to keep the glasses safe and scratch free so that the glasses are protected and you could use it for a long period of time. There are number of shops which sell the white jewelry box but you could have it prepared at your home as well with the simple materials and some basic easy steps. All you need to decide is the size of the sunglass case which will be according to the sunglasses itself and then you need fabric, scissors, scales, pencils and sewing kit.

Cut and measure the fabrics:

When you have decided the size then you could add the measurement to your fabric and cut it with the help of the scissors and the scale. The fabric which is best suited for the sunglass case is the cotton and linen and the design and colour is your own personal preference. Before you cut the fabric, it is best to iron these so that the measurements are precise and it is cut easily. You could even use the two different coloured or designed fabrics and then could join these in the next steps.

Sew these:

If you are comfortable using the sewing machine then you could sew the sides of the fabric with this or you could hand sew it as well. after sewing it will look as a rectangle case. Once you have sewn one side then you could fold the fabric in a way that the sides are met and closed and then you need to sew these sides. Now the final sewing step is when you fold your fabric inside and sew it from the bottom so that it forms the shape of a pocket. Make sure that you sew it neatly and the seam is strong enough so that it is durable as well.

Trim the excess fabric:

When you have it complete then you could fold the sunglass case inside out then you could trim the excess fabric to give it a more finished look. Once finished you could put your glasses in and you could even further decorate it as you want. You could put and sew a yarn inside to close the upper side once you have glasses in it to make it safer. This could be as personalized and customized as it could be. You could make use of various coloured and patterned clothes and it will only take 15 minutes to complete these.