Essential Tips On Planning An Afternoon Tea Party For Friends

We all love hanging out with friends and family because it is a chance to surround yourself with good company. Sometimes when our lives take on a busy turn, we might find it hard to spare time in order to meet up with friends as often as we did before. This is why you might be able to get all your friends together by throwing a delicate afternoon tea party! Tea is something many people love drinking around the world and having a tea party is a ritual found in many places as well. A quite tea party in your own garden with the best of your friends is a great way to spend some quality time, reminiscence and just catch up with everyone once more. But throwing a tea party should be done carefully because one wrong step can ruin this get together easily. If you wish to throw a tea party in the near future, below are some essential tips you can use.

What is the menu?

The main reason to have a tea party is to catch up with your friends over some delicious afternoon snacks. While some main meals are easy to create, after snacks such as croissants might be a little harder for you to do, especially in large quantity for an event. This is why you can just call for a professional catering service and then choose your afternoon tea party menu from there. You can get great sandwich platters Sydney and a whole range of various tea snacks and food that would look great and taste great at your tea party.

Have a coffee cart

Tea parties are supposed to revolve around tea and this is important but not everyone enjoys tea. So if there are people in your guest list who would not enjoy drinking tea, you can simply choose a coffee cart hire to be in your backyard and serve you coffee just the way you like. This is so convenient because you do not have to go out of your way to prepare anything as the professionals will be handling everything in a safe, hygienic, delicious and exciting manner! Click here for more info on coffee cart hire Sydney.

The venue and setting

No tea party is complete if the ambiance is not right! So check for some beautiful settings online and try to recreate this in your home or backyard for your tea party. The tables, the table clothes and the decorations you are using will all be a part of the ambiance at the party, which is why it is important.