How To Make A Sunglass Case At Home?

Sunglasses are essential and everyone needs to wear it in one form or another either it is reading glass, or eyesight glass or sunglasses. In any case you need a case to keep the glasses safe and scratch free so that the glasses are protected and you could use it for a long period of time. There are number of shops which sell the white jewelry box but you could have it prepared at your home as well with the simple materials and some basic easy steps. All you need to decide is the size of the sunglass case which will be according to the sunglasses itself and then you need fabric, scissors, scales, pencils and sewing kit.

Cut and measure the fabrics:

When you have decided the size then you could add the measurement to your fabric and cut it with the help of the scissors and the scale. The fabric which is best suited for the sunglass case is the cotton and linen and the design and colour is your own personal preference. Before you cut the fabric, it is best to iron these so that the measurements are precise and it is cut easily. You could even use the two different coloured or designed fabrics and then could join these in the next steps.

Sew these:

If you are comfortable using the sewing machine then you could sew the sides of the fabric with this or you could hand sew it as well. after sewing it will look as a rectangle case. Once you have sewn one side then you could fold the fabric in a way that the sides are met and closed and then you need to sew these sides. Now the final sewing step is when you fold your fabric inside and sew it from the bottom so that it forms the shape of a pocket. Make sure that you sew it neatly and the seam is strong enough so that it is durable as well.

Trim the excess fabric:

When you have it complete then you could fold the sunglass case inside out then you could trim the excess fabric to give it a more finished look. Once finished you could put your glasses in and you could even further decorate it as you want. You could put and sew a yarn inside to close the upper side once you have glasses in it to make it safer. This could be as personalized and customized as it could be. You could make use of various coloured and patterned clothes and it will only take 15 minutes to complete these.


Air Fryer, A New And Unique Way To Cook Food

We have entered in the era of technology, people have become so much busy in their own life. A few decades ago, there was no war of winning the battle but now a days, competition have become increased and everyone wants to win the race. People have become more status conscious as well as health conscious. 

 Earning money is not as easy as it was a few decades ago because technology has taken over everything gradually and human labour has become near to zero. So, each and everyone on the house has to work to earn for bread, bright future of kids and prosperous life. There was a dilemma that women look after kitchen, kids and do home chores. Cooking usually takes a great chunk of time of the women in the house, which makes them stick around to the house. Because if they leave pan on the stove while cooking and go to perform another task, then only a burnt pan will be left in the hand. So, she has to stand in front of the pan while cooking. 

Advantages of Air Fryer: 

Air fryer has made life easier for women. It allows them to take a breath of relaxation. Let’s see, how air fryer helps people in the kitchen. 

  • Saves Time and Energy: 

The cooking in air fryer is so easy, it does not make anyone stand in front of it to stir the spoon constantly. We just need to cut the vegetables and meat, put all at once. Set the time, and forget about it. The dish will automatically cook in it and there is no need for frequent stirring. In a meanwhile, you can do other tasks. 

  • Consume Less Oil: 

As people are becoming more health conscious these days, the do not want to put even a single extra pound. It is an ideal option for them as it cooks food with 1 table spoon oil. The people who are on dieting can put their food in it and go for exercise, as soon as they get back home, the food will also be ready. 

  • The Design and Size: 

There are different designs, sizes and colours of air fryer available. One can choose according to the size of the family or according to their need. 

  • Easy to Use: 

There is no rocket science in using air Fryer. All the options are given on the air fryer, you can choose the best option according to the time and need of the food that has been cooking. Factory buys has all the models available of the air fryer. We give you warranty card and explain the whole procedure of using it. Air fryer cheap rates available at our shop. Grab your air fryer now. Air-Fryer


The Importance Of Having A Car Battery Charger

There are times when you are driving and often the car stops working and it turns out that your car battery has died or failed. If you understand the fact why these batteries stop working, then it is important for you to also understand why having a car battery charger is also essential. If you purchase a new car battery then you are good to go for at least 5 years without having the requirement of recharging your battery, but if you want to maintain a long life of you battery, you should get your hands on buying car battery charger.

Some of the reasons why most often a cars battery dies is due to the fact that hot climates and weather tend to kill them causing the water in the battery evaporate due to water loss, increase in corrosion and heat distortion. If you have a battery that is low maintenance, it is mandatory for you to ensure that it is properly charged, topped up with electrolyte, and heat shields are replaced. For having ensured that the battery is in full state of charge, you should purchase a car battery charger Australia which is no less than an investment or maybe a onetime investment for most people out there.

Why is it important to own a car battery charger?

A cars alternator is designed in such a way where it cannot fully restore a depleted battery, however, it maintains to be a healthy one. It is mandatory for the car users and drivers to regularly get the car batteries recharged especially if you are someone who use their car for short distances. To keep your car starting easily, we also recommend to keep a durable power bank charger with you at all times in case it’s required.

Most of these chargers are used for diagnosing, charging, recovering and maintain carb batteries in various applications.

How to use a car battery charger

The next thing you should know about car battery chargers is that fact that how are they used. Once you have got your hands on such a charger, hook it up accordingly and subsequently, you will see a trickle in when needed. Note that this doesn’t mean that the batter is overcharged. A trickle car battery charger is often used which is designed in such a way where it has to be placed and left in the car for a longer period of time to recharge the cars battery. Having the charger kept on to the battery slowly keeps the battery to charge. One should give it a day or two to the battery to be fuly charged and work in its best possible way.  

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